social impact of ITES (information technology enabled services)


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Introduction to Information Technology Enabled …………………………………… (6)

  • Definition
  • What is the Key IT enabled Services?
  • Technologies involved

Opportunities and Challenges……………………………………………………………(7)

IT enabled services………………………………………………………………………..(8)

  • E-Governance
  • Call centers
  • Data administration
  • Medical(telemedicine & transcription)
  • Data digitizationWebsite administrations services

Introduction to modern IT ………………………………………………………………(10)

Applications of information technology in our daily life………………………………(11)

Analyses of works done…………………………………………………………………..(14)

Impacts of Information Technology on Society…………………………………………(17)





 Information technology :

TES ,Information Technology Enabled Service is characterized as outsourcing of procedures that can be empowered with data innovation and spreads different territories like back, HR, organization, social insurance, media transmission, producing and so forth. Equipped with innovation and labor, these administrations are given from e-empowered areas. This drastically lessens costs and enhance benefit norms. To put it plainly, this Internet specialist co-op points in giving B2B web based business arrangements.

IT empowered Services (ITeS), in like manner called web enabled organizations or remote organizations or Tele-working, covers the entire scope of operations which mishandle information development for improving capability of an affiliation. These organizations give a broad assortment of livelihood decisions that fuse open entryways in call Center, restorative elucidation, therapeutic charging and coding, back office operations, pay claims get ready, authentic databases, content change, payrolls, collaborations organization, GIS (Geographical Information System), HR organizations, web organizations et cetera.

An and N Islands arranged in the Bay of Bengal have different goals and land impediments. The sensitive condition of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands consolidated with geographical isolation and inadequacy of minerals and trademark resources don’t permit significant scale Industrialization. In this way, Andaman and Nicobar Administration have recognized Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS) as one of the push zones for development. ITeS as a mechanical assembly can be effectively utilized as a medium to fundamentally enhance the quality and lifestyle of the all inclusive community in consonance with National Objectives. Establishment of sound IT structure with correspondence spine et cetera has been recognized as high need area in context of the land spread of the Islands which fuses, setting up of Software Technology Park (STP) through Industries Department, Financial necessities of IT enabled Services viz. DTP, Data Entry Center, Cyber Café laying of under sea optical fiber connect interfacing region India and An and N Islands.

The IT Industry is the speediest creating piece of the Indian economy. As showed by an investigation report circulated by National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), ‘IT-BPO Sector in India: Strategic Review 2010,’ the IT-BPO industry is evaluated to add up to earnings of US$ 73.1 billion in FY2010, with the IT programming and organizations industry speaking to US$ 63.7 billion of salaries.

 Technologies involved:

For each service there are two types of technologies involved:

  • Enabling technology

The empowering innovations are those advancements which permit the IT enablement. For e.g. in the call focuses they are – CTI (Computer communication incorporation), CRM( Customer Relationship Management ),and so on The exchanges allows the IT organization to be passed on through another station – Telephone, IP, VoiP (Voice over IP: Voice over Internet Protocol), Satellite based transmission, et cetera.

The mix of the correct advancement and the correspondence channel accomplishes high degrees of progress in the organization quality.

Favored Application Areas :

The favored application districts are regions where there is massive measure of data that ought to be arranged and utilized for passing on the results, or the data is the consequence of the organization. In all cases, without use օf IT the task would some way or another be un managable. Unquestionably the most basic extents where IT enabled organizations can be passed on are:




Customer Support Centers

Data Ware House

Interpretation Centers

GIS Mapping for Transport following

Electronic Distribution.


Opportunities and Challenges:

The changing monetary and business conditions, quick mechanical advancement, multiplication of the web and globalization are making an inexorably aggressive condition. The part of innovation has developed from supporting partnerships to changing them. Worldwide organizations are progressively swinging to seaward innovation specialist organizations keeping in mind the end goal to address their issue for high caliber and cost focused innovation arrangements

We understand that being in the IT and ITES industry, your company can encounter a wide variety of risks and challenges in their endeavor to create and maintain a seamless, successful, sustainable and scalable business. Some of the challenges faced include:

  • Ability to make and keep up a really world class demonstrated worldwide conveyance display which would enable your association to give administrations to clients on a best shore premise. This would require round the clock execution capacities over various time zones, access to a huge pool of exceptionally gifted innovation experts and an information administration framework to reuse arrangements where suitable
  • Develop and expand a strong, comprehensive, best in class end to end solutions and service offerings in order help your clients gain market differentiation or competitive advantage and thus capture a greater share of your client’s technology budgets
  • Ability to scale when the opportunity arises. This would require constant investment in infrastructure and rapidly recruit, train and deploy new professionals
  • Manage revenue and expenses during economic downturn, enhance your organization’s capacity to withstand pricing pressures, commoditization of services and decreased utilization rates
  • Manage exchange rate volatility and counter party risk in treasury operations
  • Expand your client list across business verticals to reduce over dependency and risk of losing substantial market share
  • Maintain superior and sophisticated project management methodology in line with global quality standards and ensure timely, consistent and accurate execution to achieve highest client satisfaction
  • Ensuring successful integration of inorganic growth opportunities that your organization may undertake from time to time across geographies

IT enabled services:


Call centers

Data management


Data digitization

Website services


PC help us to take a gander at the administration site and the administrations gave by them.

The different sites gave by the administration give the insights about the divisions, particular capacities, unique plans, record, contacts, joins, IAS intranet, site outline, what,s new, public statements, criticism.

These sites are both in English and some other dialects

.Call centers:

A call focus is once in a while characterized as a phone based shared administration for particular client exercises and are utilized for number of client related capacities like showcasing, offering data exchange, guidance, specialized help et cetera.

A call focus has satisfactory telecom offices, prepared advisors, access to wide database, web and other on-line data support to give data and bolster administrations to clients. \

It works to give round the clock and year round administration i.e.24×365 administrations.

Data management:

Information administration is a classification of IT empowered administrations relating to gathering, digitization and handling of information originating from different source. Customary information handling administrations contain punching information from physically filled structures, picture or distributions; get ready database and assembling them.

In any case, with the appearance of media and intrigue, source have expanded to incorporate physically printed archives, pictures, sound and video.

Similarly assorted are the new yield media which incorporate database on servers, printed version distributions, CD-ROM records radiating from web based inquiries.

Medical(telemedicine & transcription):

Therapeutic interpretation is a perpetual authoritative archive that formally expresses the aftereffect of a restorative examination. It encourages correspondence and backings the protection claims. There are three primary strides engaged with therapeutic interpretation. These include:

The specialist directs into a unique gadget or a free telephone..the sound is then put away on a disjoin at the flip side.

The prepared transcriptionists tune in to the correspondence and translate.

The translated reports are transmitted back to doctor’s facility as a word record.

Data digitization:

The Deployment Issues:

Whearas the improvement is high, and the prospects are enarmous, there are various deploymant issues for stablishment of IT engaged organizations.

High Capital Investments

Time Turnaround

Good example/Guide or Help to new companies

High Volume Transactions

High Communications cost

Absence of prepared and solid assets

Continous Business Availablity

Growth of ITeS industry:


Introduction to modern IT:

Data innovation is as of now becoming the dominant focal point in ever day lives. It spreads data effectively around the globe and assumes imperative part fit as a fiddle to assemble a dynamic world. It is likewise changing the association in which we work, the sorts of abilities accessible and the aptitudes expected to succeed. It is utilized as a part of all regions of present day life in science , innovation, business , industry recreation and excitement. It is spreading further and advance into our day by day lives. It has turned out to be so profoundly implanted in our general public that is no movement would be without it.

Information technology in world:

IT is play crucial role in modern society. It has become so deeply embedded in information processing and communication system that almost no activity would be possible without them . now  we are going to discuss about varies uses of it in different field.

Applications of information technology in our daily life:

IT in education:

Student have many opportunities to learn the the basic computer skills to facilitate their learning.

Information technology is helped educators make significant changes to the learning process. Many schools now have computers that are connected to internet networks and the internet, allowing students to easily withdrawal information important for their education. New computer based education can automatically modified to suit the users level of ability . if IT is used to teach in schools then students will feel more interesting and will get more knowledge then by reading books.

Use of IT manufacturing goods:

IT has a major impact in industries where products are designed and manufactured. Many industries now use computer aided design (CAD) to develop product them. The nature of these PC made items is more steady and higher, prompting more noteworthy unwavering quality and expanded efficiency speed. Computers are used for inventory control , planning and process control. They are also used to run robots that creates. Finish.assemble, and test products and their components.

IT and medicine:

IT has helped to improve the delivery of patient care in a number of different has reduced the barrier of distance and time via telemedicine and line access to laboratory test results and medical research. it has improved the delivery of health care by making health care information more accessible to patients. It has also helped to contribute to the design of better health care programs. the use of computerized patient records have helped to reduce errors in prescriptions and diagnoses. IT is also helping to improve the training and education of medical staff and patients.

Uses of IT in entertainment:

IT have now become an important part of the entertainment industry. They are widely used to create special effects in movies. They are used in composing, editing, recording and reproducing music and sound effects. They are used in sports to analyze the movements to sportsperson and to find faults in movement and optimize and the movements so that maximum efficiency is achieved. They are used by sports professionals to analyze their techniques to find their strengths and weaknesses. Computer animations are widely used in multimedia and generating computer games.

Uses of it in banking:

IT managing an account business has been changed by data innovation. They are utilized for different assignments, for example, online request of clients adjust, check confirmation, refreshing the adjust , ascertaining interest and printing client explanations. Many driving banks have introduced computerized teller machines (ATMs). These empower the clients to draw cash from accounts exchange cash, get bank explanation , and so on all these should be possible utilizing an exceptional plastic card which embedded into the info gadget of a PC , this additionally takes out the requirement for representative.

IT at home:

Personal computer


IT out in the open spots:

Web get to benefit

People in general can get data from the web all the more helpfully.

IT in business :

Office robotization

Office robotization enables office specialists to enhance working proficiency efficiency, information security and correspondence with others.

web based business :

alludes to business action completed in an electronic system.

IT in government:

UID extend


  • Contains individual information, layouts of thumb prints and photo of card holder


  • Information put away in scrambled with high security


Railroad booking:

  • Helps in booking the tickets on the web


Bill installments:


  • Reduces the physical development of individuals for paying bills.


Advantages of data innovation:


Globalization-IT has united the world , as well as it enabled the universes economy to end up noticeably a solitary related framework.


Correspondence- with the assistance of data innovation, correspondence has additionally turned out to be less expensive, snappier, and more effective.


Cost adequacy- data innovation has mechanized the business procedure hence streamlining business to make them to a great degree practical cash making machines.


Connecting the social crevice data innovation has spanned the social hole by helping individuals from various societies to speak with each other .


Formation of new occupations- the best favorable position of data innovation is the making of new and fascinating employments.


These illustration can be summed up all things considered: data innovation makes business less demanding.


Burden of data innovation :


Joblessness- while data innovation may have streamlined the business procedure it has additionally made occupation redundancies .


Example: Case a great deal of lower and center level occupations have been discarded making more individuals end up plainly jobless.


Protection- however data innovation may have made correspondence snappier, less demanding and more advantageous, it has likewise purchased along security issues.


Absence of employer stability one must be in a steady learning modew , on the off chance that he or she wishes for their business to be secure.

Prevailing society- while data innovation may have made the world a worldwide town, it has likewise added to one culture commanding another weaker one. For instance it is currently contended that US impacts how most youthful young people everywhere throughout the world now act, dress and act.

Analyses of works done:

The effect of data innovation on religious practices has essentially been to the effect of making information about them more accessible. The most apropos request however is whether the headways in information developments have affected the movement of social attitudes, conventions or associations.

Social attitudes have changed with the effect that nationals of an overall population now expect the distinctive parts of that society to be favored instructed over already. They also would like to have the ability to get to more information about a specific thing, organization or affiliation so they can settle on instructed decisions concerning their coordinated efforts with that substance .

The “organization” of a nation will be included many varied associations. However progressions in information advancement have helped governments to upgrade their “organization” to their occupants. Advances in Database development for example have enabled the assemblies of various countries to gathering and screen quantifiable information that they can use to fight deception and manage the economy in a more taught way.

Information Technology in like manner significantly influences the resistance limits of governments. This spreads both an organization’s ability to wage war and their insight gathering capacity. Advances in weapons development and weapons setup have extended the ampleness of various governments’ military .


Information Technology has in like manner significantly influenced an organization’s learning workplaces. Encryption of sensitive information has engaged governments to get included security. However trying to disentangle information is in like manner a vital zone of work for those used by the organization .

The advances in information development have strongly affected business associations in a couple of ways. The most basic piece of information development in a business, in any case, is to give a business advantage. Advances, for instance, PC upheld design, social database developments, spreadsheets, and word taking care of programming all give a business preferred standpoint to the business, as does motorization of collecting frames .

The usage of information advancement to screen a business execution can in like manner enable the business to feature regions where they are not making the most use of their benefits. The use of information progressions can in like manner construct the associations compensation through advancing in the distinctive available get-togethers .

Progressions, for instance, the Internet and satellite TV have made new media and gatherings of spectators through which and to which News and Media affiliations can spread their information .

An establishment of handling and correspondence development, giving 24-hour get to easily to any kind of cost and thing information looked for by buyers, will diminish the information limits to capable market operation. This establishment may in like manner give the best approach to influencing consistent trades and make go-betweens, for instance, bargains delegates, stock dealers and travel administrators, whose limit is to give an essential information interface among buyers and merchants monotonous. The information propels have empowered the improvement of updated mail orchestrate retailing, in which items can be asked for quickly by using telephones or PC frameworks and a while later dispatched by suppliers through composed transport associations that depend generally on PCs and correspondence advances to control their operations.


The impact of information advancement on the associations’ cost structure can be best depicted on the electronic exchange case. The key zones of cost diminishment while finishing an arrangement through electronic business rather than in an ordinary store incorporate physical establishment, organize position and execution, customer support, staffing, stock passing on, and scattering. Regardless of the way that setting up and keeping up an online business webpage might be exorbitant, it is definitely more moderate to keep up such a client confronting veneer than a physical one since it is continually open, can be gotten to by millions around the globe, and has couple of variable costs, so it can scale up to deal with the request. By caring for one “store” as opposed to a couple, duplicate stock costs are wiped out.


PCs and correspondence propels empower individuals to talk with each other in courses complementary to standard very close, telephonic, and formed modes. They enable helpful work including scattered gatherings of performing craftsmen who every now and then, if anytime, meet physically. These advancements utilize correspondence establishments that are both worldwide and constantly up, thusly engaging 24-hour development and nonconcurrent and what’s more synchronous interchanges among individuals, social occasions, and affiliations.

By lessening the settled cost of business, unlimited telecommuting should make it less requesting for individuals to wear down versatile timetables, to work low upkeep, to share jobs, or to hold no less than two occupations in the meantime. Since changing organizations would not by any stretch of the imagination require changing one’s place of living game plan, telecommuting ought to grow work versatility and speed proficient achievement. This extended flexibility may similarly diminish work stress and augmentation work satisfaction.

The quick augmentation in figuring and correspondences control has raised noteworthy stress over assurance both in individuals when all is said in done and private zone. Decreases in the cost of data amassing and information taking care of make it likely that it will twist up observably practicable for both government and private data mining endeavors to accumulate quick and dirty dossiers on all inhabitants. Nobody knows who starting at now accumulates data about individuals, how this data is used and shared or how this data might be mishandled. These stresses cut down the buyers’ trust in online foundations and correspondence and, in this way, subdue the change of electronic exchange. A mechanical approach to manage guaranteeing security may by cryptography notwithstanding the way that it might be ensured that cryptography shows a bona fide limit to criminal examinations.

It is outstanding learning that people today continue information over-trouble. A lot of the information available on the Internet is lacking and even off-base. People invest progressively of their energy engaging unnecessary information since it is open and they think about it. In this way, it must be pondered how people consign authenticity to the information they assemble with a particular ultimate objective to envision and develop new legitimacy systems to help purchasers to manage the information over-troubles.


Inventive progress unquestionably makes dependence on advancement. Without a doubt the making of basic establishment ensures dependence on that structure. As in all probability as the world is right now dependent on its vehicle, telephone, and distinctive structures, it will be liable to the creating information establishment. Dependence on advancement can bring threats. Disillusionments in the mechanical establishment can cause the fall of money related and social helpfulness. Power blackouts of long-isolate phone utility, credit data systems, electronic resources trade structures, and other such irreplaceable correspondences and information dealing with organizations would beyond question cause no matter how you look at it money related unsettling influence. In any case, it is probably hard to keep up a vital separation from mechanical dependence. Along these lines, what must be considered is the introduction conveyed from dependence on advancements with a prominent probability of dissatisfaction, no workable substitute inside reach, and high costs due to frustration.

Growing depiction of a wide arrangement of substance in cutting edge outline realizes less requesting and more affordable duplication and flow of information. This mixedly influences the course of action of substance. From one perspective, substance can be dispersed at a lower unit cost. On the other hand, assignment of substance outside of channels that respect secured advancement rights can reduce the inspirations of creators and wholesalers to make and make content available regardless. Information development raises a substantial gathering of issues about authorized advancement security and new instruments and controls must be created remembering the ultimate objective to handle this issue.

Impacts of Information Technology on Society:

With the advancement of PC industry and web systems amid the most recent three decades things have changed and worldwide correspondence has achieved a phenomenal tallness . With these advancements massive extensions have risen to the top to grant learning in a substantially more proficient and intuitive way. Sight and sound innovation and web systems have upset the entire theory of learning and separation learning and gave us the open door for close association amongst instructors and students with enhanced standard of learning materials contrasted with what was existing just with the printed media. As we said before it has gone to such a degree to make a virtual classroom where instructors and understudies are scattered everywhere throughout the world.

We might deal with occupations being a large number of miles away through electromagnetic wave. That way the issue of abilities lack in a few nations could be diminished and proficient individuals would be accessible to carry out the occupation.

Speedy dispatch of data all inclusive has encouraged the business extension to a greatly abnormal state with a little firm having the capacity to pitch its items to another piece of the world effectively as they can impart to each other in a matter of moments and repair the arrangement. Advancement of electronic business has made it extremely helpful for singular purchaser to choose the item on the web and make installment quickly. However this has its concern as the purchaser has not seen whom he/she is purchasing from and can never get notification from the merchant once the cash has been paid. This sort of case has become obvious.

Virtual reality, most likely significantly more progressed and all the more flawlessly incorporated gadgets (e.g. one could think about a gadget anticipating pictures (maybe from glasses) straightforwardly onto the focal point of a human’s eye), enabling individuals to ignore their environment. This will enable individuals to travel for all intents and purposes, e.g. one could go on vacations just by playing a specific program, unwind there, stroll around, relax.

Nowadays one can go to conferences without being there physically. The business accomplices in such a virtual meeting can see and hear each different as though they are genuine. Versatility might be vital nowadays, be that as it may, in the new century, the need to travel physically is diminishing fundamentally, rather than traveling to a meeting in New York one can simply go to the meeting for all intents and purposes and spare a considerable measure of time and cash (and secure the earth) .

Contact with other individuals will just happen if wanted by a man, everything else will be finished by innovation. For instance, no one should go shopping any longer, one will arrange things required by means of some uncommon complex gadgets which are anything but difficult to deal with and get it. One can show the merchandise, conceivably even notice, feel or hear them.

Treating untreatable sickness like tumor would be significantly less demanding as the DNA structure could be characterized precisely to manage the sort of cell-based treatment required for a specific patient.

Dependence on IT:

How are individuals dependent on IT?

Steering tasks: cash, shopping, occasion,


Scanners and imaging framework,


Movement control, and auto stopping, motorway,


Surge cautioning frameworks,


PC controlled braking, fuel, on autos,


Individual utilize information, account, training,


Electrical gadgets in the home, clothes washer, video DVD players, microwave, and so on,


Phone lines for web interchanges.


Information Technology has already been blamed, among other things for:



  • creating unemplyment
  • deskilling employments
  • reducing the capacity of governments to control their economies
  • invading protection
  • increasing misconduct in kids
  • manipulation of “reality”
  • pornography


In this article, we have contemplated the effects of data innovation in our lives up until now. We have additionally examined the fate of our organization with more advanced improvements in data innovation and its applications in our general public. We likewise talked about the negative impacts of data innovation, for example, loss of protection, unapproved access to imperative information. Theft of pilfered frameworks can disable the working of an administration and cause gigantic interruption. Be that as it may, we trust that the advantages of data innovation exceed the negative parts of data innovation. As we have talked about, we can get to data for our examinations or research rapidly nowadays. What’s more, worldwide correspondences have turned out to be unimaginably quick with email administrations. We solidly put stock later on that data innovation would convey considerably more comfort to our lives than any negative effect.


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