Products formerly Coffee Lake

Product NameStatusLaunch Date# of CoresMax Turbo FrequencyProcessor Base FrequencyCacheCompare
All | None
Intel® Core™ i7-8700 ProcessorLaunchedQ4’1764.60 GHz3.20 GHz12 MB
Intel® Core™ i7-8700K ProcessorLaunchedQ4’1764.70 GHz3.70 GHz12 MB
Intel® Core™ i5-8600K ProcessorLaunchedQ4’1764.30 GHz3.60 GHz9 MB
Intel® Core™ i5-8400 ProcessorLaunchedQ4’1764.00 GHz2.80 GHz9 MB
Intel® Core™ i3-8350K ProcessorLaunchedQ4’1744.00 GHz8 MB
Intel® Core™ i3-8100 ProcessorLaunchedQ4’1743.60 GHz6 MB
Intel® Z370 ChipsetLaunchedQ4’17


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