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    • My samsung led shows verticle lines or horizontal line ?
      My samsung led shows verticle or horizontal line ? All solutions are present in this forum ..... 

      There are multiple reasons of vertical lines issue like hight moisture, connection issue of data cable, faulty panel(screen). I got the same problem with my Samsung led UA46C7000. Problem started with one pink line at left side of the screen and after 2-3 weeks another vertical line appeared at middle of the screen. Talking to my dealer disappointed me as he told that this issue might be because of faulty panel. As my warranty expired, I might have to pay 80% of tv cost for replacement. Then I spent couples of hours researching on Google and found that one cause could be dust in connectors of data cable. After watching one YouTube video, I have opened back panel of my tv and to identify if the issue is related to datacable I put my tv on and started to pressed the connectors of few cables with slight force and suddenly found one cable(not the data cable was kind of some electric supply cable to one inner component) that was causing the issue. After pressing the cable I found the both vertical line were disappearing. After playing a bit I found one specific alignment of that cable which resulted in complete solution. So preserve the alignment, I put a normal electricity tape over these wires and close the back panel cover carefully. After that fix, I did not see any vertical line again on my screen. Fortunately it was a quick fix in my case but as I told you that there might be complex reasons for this issue. Note: DIY only If you are comfortable with electronics and have some idea about them. There are many sophisticated components and cable now-a-days so be very careful while opening the back cover and cleaning the cables. Also, plug your tv off before cleaning any cable connectores.

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